“If you’ve got the looks, then I could use it.”

“Pawn” by Fizzy Blood | On to the inbox, then, and first, to something that kicks the door down. Say hello to Fizzy Blood – surprisingly this does not give me images of people on the verge of death, or even the foam off the top of orange soda. They’re another band from Leeds, formed in 2014, and they have this, err, fizzy sound. But not in a soda pop kind of way: there’s a dash of controlled chaos and some really kicking riffs in here. “Pawn” is their new single, and it captures that, err, fizz I mentioned. I can’t call it scuzzy, really. It’s not fuzzy, either. But it’s not lightweight either. It’s a nice little thing. Fizzy Blood is touring this week in support of While She Sleeps – of course, not here in the Philippines, of course – but we have an international audience, I’d like to believe, so I’ll say that their tour dates are on their Facebook page[NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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