Review: Eclipse by EXID

Eclipse by EXIDWith their vocal powerhouse Solji out of commission due to hyperthyroidism, EXID has had to regroup. The group with a knack for slyly powerful pop songs – a reputation that towered over them, and somewhat bogged them down, on their last release, Street – suddenly face the prospect of another (temporary, in this case) reinvention. Thankfully, Eclipse actually delivers. Solji’s not there to kick things up a notch, and Hyelin, while capable, can’t quite sustain the high notes for long periods of time, so the group has had to go low-key and cool. LE, who’s shown her versatility before, could easily adopt, but it’s a sound that actually suits Hani (their other secret weapon, whose smoky voice reveals itself) and Jeonghwa. It’s a mini, so there’s not much of a flow across tracks, but it’s an incredibly cool collection of songs, and single “Night Rather Than Day” manages to showcase the group’s instincts under different circumstances. I know I’m probably exaggerating, but I really like this record, and it’s on track to become my K-pop highlight of 2017. [NB]4/5


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