Review: The Far Field by Future Islands

The Far Field by Future IslandsIt’s a difficult task for Future Islands. Having done their work for many years, suddenly breaking out due to that performance on The Late Show, in the lead-up to their then new album Singles, would put a strain on them. Expectations are high, but maybe they shouldn’t be. Initially I did think of The Far Field as a bit of a disappointment, not because it stumbled badly or anything, but because it proceeds as if nothing has happened. Granted, it’s been three years since that performance (and David Letterman has long left that show) so the memory has somewhat faded, so the band can return to what it’s always done: 80s-inspired tracks that hum along nicely, no revolutions in its sights. (It did have Debbie Harry on one track, which is saying something about their status.) It all blends together, however, and it feels like a blur, but perhaps that’s the point: Future Islands will keep on doing what they’re doing, and they might elicit a smile, but at the very least you’ll keep on doing like they do. [NB] | 3/5

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