Review: Whiteout Conditions by the New Pornographers

Whiteout Conditions by the New PornographersThe New Pornographers have always been consistent, but Whiteout Conditions, their latest album, feels a little too consistent. Is that a bad thing? On one hand, it sees the group somewhat coalesce into one entity for once, but at the expense of the involvements of Neko Case (relegated to a few songs on this record) and Dan Bejar (nowhere to be found). While the variety of approaches across their oeuvre has always been a fun thing, it’s somewhat refreshing to hear the group feel streamlined. But then the album – which more or less continues along the path set by its predecessor, Brill Bruisers – loses steam early on, again for some reason. Power pop’s something they’ve done well, but somehow this one got too… comfortable? There’s some tension missing across the record. It’s decent power pop, but it doesn’t quite have the kick you expect it to have. [NB]3/5


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