Review: Risk to Exist by Maxïmo Park

Risk to Exist by Maxïmo ParkNew bands are coming in to make a statement about our current state of affairs, which means, eventually, older bands will. Maxïmo Park has taken up the cudgels with Risk to Exist, overtly a comment on just how messed up (from particular perspectives) things are. But then, it’s a weird thing for them to do now. Maxïmo Park was a potent band when they debuted: crunchy and urgent. Time meant they have somewhat mellowed down – that, and the fact that the indie rock they represented has fallen out of favor, attempting many times to return, but not quite coming back from a half-comatose state. That does not make them the wrong people to do this record: Paul Smith is straightforward, explicit, here. That makes them, however, a relative whimper. The band’s trajectory has seen them try their best to swallow influences while keeping their best qualities, to decidedly mixed results. Risk to Exist is a good record, but while one could argue we need more such voices in these times, for the band itself, it can’t help but seem too little, too late. [NB]3/5


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