Review: Of Sound Mind & Memory by Reese Lansangan

Of Sound Mind & Memory by Reese LansanganOne of the things I hinted at when I reviewed Arigato, Internet! a couple of years back is how Reese Lansangan seems to know what she’s doing, down to the last detail. It lends her songs an air of precision, but after a while – or perhaps it’s just me? – it feels a little too calculating, a little too impenetrable. The formula works, but you wonder whether the facade will stay up there for a while. Then arrives Of Sound Mind & Memory, a surprise EP – four tracks, seventeen minutes – that marks Reese’s “this is where I bare my soul” moment. A little surprising considering her career trajectory; not really surprising considering we’ve heard traces of this before on “Code of Kin” and “St. Petersburg”. The wordplay is still there, too, so perhaps the description doesn’t fit as well as I planned. But, for whatever reason, the album feels much more raw, much more honest, like a dispatch from out of nowhere, unplanned, unrehearsed. I get this feeling that this record is where Reese rediscovers things – ultimately I will have no idea what that is; ultimately it’s just how it’s supposed to be – and it feels refreshing. [NB]4/5

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