Review: Pleasure by Feist

Pleasure by FeistPerhaps it’s the six-year gap, but Pleasure is a bit of a whiplash at the beginning. Across her solo records Leslie Feist has always had this sunny, carefree vibe around her – it’s hard to explain, really, if we have to be more specific, so I’ll go with that. But the lo-fi quality of the album’s openers, the resulting intimacy, make things feel a little more raw, a little more urgent. A bit of whiplash. But stick with the album and the sunshine ultimate seeps through, although Pleasure does not concede entirely to the aural themes she established in her previous records. The initial focus on her guitar (as harsh as it may turn out, because of the relatively untouched production) slowly gives way to a few celebratory horns and tricks. (Yes, there is a Mastodon sample somewhere.) Well, celebratory is a stretch, but Pleasure revealing itself slowly is quite rewarding. [NB]4/5

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