Review: No Shape by Perfume Genius

No Shape by Perfume GeniusCompared to his previous records, No Shape doesn’t feel as coherent – but then again, it’s perhaps one reason for the name. Nonetheless, Mike Hadreas’ fourth record under the Perfume Genius moniker still has his trademark grace and complexity, but this time around there’s a sense of adventure. He’s pushing his sound more, but in subtle ways. A shallow listen would satisfy your usual expectations, but listen closely and you’ll hear what will turn out to be a burst of sound, magical but not exactly easy to understand at the beginning. The album kicks off with variation of that Wall of Sound that turns me on – but then it turns inward, gets hazy, and the principles applied to the first half starts becoming a bit more claustrophobic but not any less welcoming. It’s a pretty fun trip, although it’s one you’ll have to take over and over again. [NB] | 4/5


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