Review: The Water by San Cisco

The Water by San CiscoSan Cisco’s one of those creatures in indie rock. They inspire some degree of devotion, and they deliver, but ultimately there’s not really much beneath the surface. The Water, their third album, moves somewhat towards that one criticism… but then the key word is “somewhat”. The surprisingly groovy “Kids Are Cool” begins the album, raising my expectations a bit. But then the band seems to drop the disco influence and proceeds as normal. There are points where they revisit their newfound groove – “Hey, Did I Do you Wrong?” manages to find that sweet spot between their familiar sound and the hipster-y dance that was in many places in the noughties – but most of the album feels familiar, and thus, worn down. It feels extra disappointing that way, but then, they sort of do the job nonetheless, so you get the devotion, but, still, not how perfunctory it is. [NB]3/5


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