Review: Signal by Twice

Signal by TwiceWell, here we are again, undertaking the foolish duty of reviewing a Twice mini – that creature that, no matter what you say about it, will be successful anyway. Not that this review ever wanted to take down one of the biggest K-pop groups today. However, the template has been so predictable you wonder why we even bother to do this: a mediocre release (“Cheer Up” is catchy but nothing beats “Like Ooh-Ahh”; everything else was gently downhill) followed by months of dominating every bit of Korean entertainment one consumes. Signal does attempt to move things along: it finally sees the group’s big boss Park Jin-young produce a song for them, and also sees contributions from former Wonder Girl Yenny, as well as Jihyo and Chaeyoung writing “Eye Eye Eyes”. I hear some reggae, and the title track bring the relatively cutesy girls to the world of trap, awkwardly. (It’s terrible because it jars completely with everything the group hasn done before.) But then, Signal is exactly what you expect it to be: it’s a Twice album. It’s forgettable, but it’s completely irrelevant to its success. It’s the default reaction. It’s getting really boring. When I reviewed their last mini Twicecoaster: Lane 1 I argued that they’re hitting diminishing returns. I stand by it. [NB]2/5


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