Review: One More Light by Linkin Park

One More Light by Linkin ParkEarly reaction to One More Light suggests Linkin Park has sold out, giving up a sound it has, more or less, cultivated for the past two decades or so in favor of the vaguely memorable poppy EDM that we’ve been drowning in for the past year or so. Well, arguably, not really. The group has been flirting with these sounds for years; save for the limp return to their old sound on The Hunting Party, they have been smoothing the edges out for the past few albums, with Living Things being the best example. That said, my biggest disappointment with this album is not the “selling out” but the “giving up”. What until now has been a tight group working behind and in front of the scenes has become, essentially, Chester Bennington, a cameo from Mike Shinoda, and a few sliders and faders. The thing that made Linkin Park still worth looking into all these years have completely disappeared, to be replaced by muck we could get (and, perhaps for most of their fans, are actively avoiding) everywhere. Is this a sign of the group running out of ideas, or getting too complacent, or being so bored they’re just having a laugh at our expense? I’d like to think the intentions here are pure, but really, it did not have to be this way. [NB]1/5


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