Review: Traces by the Ransom Collective

Traces by the Ransom CollectiveIf anything, there’s no bringing the Ransom Collective down. As one of the flag bearers of this new generation of Filipino indie music, they’ve come to represent a sound that, while singularly focused, has an undeniable craftsmanship that attracts the droves predisposed towards them. That brings us to Traces, their first full-length (after a self-titled EP) where they continue the template they’ve set. Yes, it’s not original – the trend of guitar-driven, campfire-evoking indie pop seems to be dissipating – but they do what they do well. Even if I find the album a little relentless – constantly on the up, woefully lacking in shade, hardening my built-in cynicism – I will concede that there are little twirls in the record that evoke a smile. But, yes, for me, a little relentless. A good record, but a little relentless. Or maybe I’m just not in the market. [NB]3/5

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