Review: Different Days by the Charlatans

Different Days by the CharlatansIt’s worth noting that the Charlatans – one of the many (perhaps) unsung stalwarts of the Britpop movement – have continued doing their thing up to this day, and without seemingly losing a step, either. Different Days is their 13th album and pretty much continues the band’s rejuvenation after the unfortunate death of drummer Jon Brookes. However, unlike its immediate predecessor Modern Nature, this one’s a little more subtle, and thus a little less urgent. A bit of a letdown considering how the previous album just drove to wherever it wanted, but it’s not a disappointment. Different Days takes a while: I thought it really reached its groove at the very end of the album, but that wasn’t met with feelings of coming short. A second listen gives away that that drive remains, but this time a little more layered, a little more quiet. It’s not the sound of settling down by any means, but then I can’t begrudge them for taking the time to slow down just a wee bit. [NB]3/5


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