Review: Truth Is A Beautiful Thing by London Grammar

Truth Is A Beautiful Thing by London GrammarThere is a lot to like about London Grammar, but you’d be hard-pressed to spot in on their second album. Returning four years after their debut, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing suffers from being too much of the same thing, if not a bit more boring. If You Wake, their debut, got a bit of a pass because of the assumption of birthing pains, not to mention Hannah Reid still having such gravitas in her voice, even if it can be too affecting at parts. But this album, for some reason, feels like a step back in time, perhaps somewhere in the early 2000s when chillout compilations were the norm. (I should know – I went through that phase myself.) They try a few new things, but it gets overshadowed by how the album feels like one of those overplayed (but still good) Air or Zero 7 records from the time. It’s nice, but then you realize this was the sound of almost twenty years ago, and while the record does wash you over, you have the urge, the need, to scurry back to the present. Shame, because, again, the band has something – they could definitely put their skills to better use. [NB]2/5


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