Review: Witness by Katy Perry

Witness by Katy Perry“What the hell is this?” is something you expect to say after a Katy Perry record – but not in this context. I’m hard-pressed to find any redeeming quality from Witness. All right, it’s not a terrible record. It’s serviceable. I don’t find anything repulsing with this, but I don’t find anything that is worth writing back home for. It’s everything I’ve heard before, from many others who have taken this road, a road Katy herself helped pave. Perhaps that’s the most disappointing part: even in her most middling records she managed to bring something new to the equation; at the very least her presence alone makes her records interesting. But in this overlong mish-mash of pop trends and a handful of attempts to be taken seriously, Witness ends up being an utterly forgettable, inessential record, and whatever “purposeful” intentions were there gets lost in the mush. “What the hell is this?” indeed. [NB]2/5

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