“I keep running but it’s never clear.”

“Pioneer” by Common Tongues | This one’s weird. The good weird, I must clarify. When I first pressed play on this I got Joel Potts (he of Athlete) vibes, but then it drove its way further towards the middle and it gave me some strong Imagine Dragons vibes, but without the annoying bits. The band is called Common Tongues, yet another one of the many acts from Brighton that interestingly find me, a pretend blogger from eight time zones away. “Dancing on the boundary between acoustic and synthetic” is a line in a press release that could seem overly heavy, but “Pioneer”, from their just released album Divisions (and I mean just released; the album launch was last Friday) does not press this point too far. I like how natural it feels. Not chasing for trends, just going for the feel. It seems to work. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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