“All I feel is emptiness without you by my side.”

“Don’t Talk About Paula” by Tremorheart | In recent weeks Monocle 24‘s been digging up its crates, perhaps to make up for the fact that they’re playing less music across the day. (It means EXID’s “Up & Down” gets played a lot now, but not their new single, which I love.) It also means I’m hearing songs I haven’t heard on the station before, but turn out to be old, relatively. This one, for instance, came from Tremorheart, a band from Oxford that seems to have gone off the radar since 2015 – around the time they released this. It’s unusual, this history: it seems the group didn’t move out of the unsigned phase, or at least the obscure indie one. This song, however, is quite catchy, in a sublime, funky way. It lingers nicely. And then, like the band, it somehow ends. [NB]


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