Review: The Underside of Power by Algiers

The Underside of Power by AlgiersAt first glance, Algiers – the four-piece from Atlanta by way of London – do some pretty unsettling stuff. It’s accessible, but it’s ultimately unsettling: the discordance in their sound, the challenging themes of their songs. And yet their music has proven to be pretty potent. The Underside of Power, their second album, continues in this vein, but of course things feel much more urgent now, what with what’s been happening of late. Claustrophobic at times, hyperactive at others, the record jumps around musical styles while remaining anchored on political themes made more compelling by Franklin James Fisher’s steady, soulful voice. And yes, I did say unsettling, but it’s stealthily so. The Underside of Power may be one for multiple listens, but in my first outing it hit me as an album that you could enjoy, again and again, with new things popping up along the way. [NB]4/5


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