“Kailangan lang pagbigyan.”

“KLSP” by Sponge Cola | Sponge Cola’s had a weird history, at least in my eyes. My sister and cousin – them, again – were quite into the group when they debuted. Palabas, their first full-length, was a constant at home. “KLSP” was their biggest single, although I was more fond of “Lunes”, and I’m sure someone will make a case for “Jeepney”, both of which previously appeared in a self-produced EP. Now, thanks to some combination of fame and complacency, the band’s somewhat faded from memory. They’re still around, but I don’t pay much attention. But remember when this group led the so-called “pogi rock” movement? These guys, Hale, and, um, Cueshé? There was the accusation that all they have are good looks and incredibly emotional songs. But good songwriting is good songwriting, whether you choose to see it or not; otherwise they wouldn’t be popular. In Sponge Cola’s case, they also had an adventurism in themes that attracted top-notch collaborators (I remember one song on that debut was penned by Ely Buendia) and Yael Yuzon delivered it with a winking charm. Those were the days indeed. [NB]

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