Review: LANY by LANY

LANY by LANYLANY’s a band I haven’t heard of before until everybody started talking about them. Took me a while to hear one of their songs and understood the hype. They’re pretty chill, 80s-influenced indie pop that work pretty well with the morning after the night before. That means it’s something I would not automatically like, because I’m just not in the places the kids are these days. (It was my brother’s girlfriend who explained LANY to me.) The group has just released their first full-length, and you realize, little by little, that even if you’re no longer one of the kids you’ll find something to like. “ILYSB” didn’t strike me, but “Good Girls” did: just the right tempo, just the right throwbacks, a decent pop song you can conceivably dance along to. Too bad the album is too long, too boring, too sleepy. I would have loved a tighter, more varied release. I would have loved a bit more discerning, a bit more cherry-picking. I would have loved texture. Alas, maybe I really am too old for this. [NB]2/5

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