“You’re all I need to be with forevermore.”

“Forevermore” by Side A | I’ll be honest: I never really was that exposed to Side A. I know them from my childhood, but they always seemed to be harder to reach than most other acts of the time, perhaps because I was a young boy and their songs were clearly for the older people in the room. They were always around, but it felt like I had to grow up before I could really appreciate them. Well, I’m now 28, and I still haven’t had that appraisal of Side A that I do with other artists. Perhaps it’s only this song (and their cover of “Tuloy Pa Rin”) that I know of them. But you never really get tired of them anyway. Their musicality defies the song’s ubiquity. “Forevermore” may have had a new version and a movie named for it, not to mention virtually every wedding reception in the Philippines playing this song at some point, but it’s just there, doing its job, and working every time. Side note: in recent years my mother retells how she has Joey Generoso, the band’s (former) vocalist, as a playmate when she was young. It may have shortened the distance between Side A and me a bit, but, well, childhood is a tough not to beat. [NB]


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