“There’s a rainbow always after the rain.”

“Rainbow” by South Border | Now, from one generation to another. You might be asking, “why ‘Rainbow’ over ‘Kahit Kailan’?” Yes, “Kahit Kailan”, the breakout single from South Border, is a classic on its own, complete with Brix Ferraris’ overwrought vocal that nonetheless appealed to many. But when he left the band questions were raised about the group’s future. The answer, clearly, is yes. Jay Durias is the only original member of the band remaining, and his steady hand and keen musicality has steered the group through many line-up changes. Luke Mejares was recruited as a vocalist (and scored a hit with “Sa’yo”) but he was later replaced by Vince Alaras and Duncan Ramos, who led the band through “Rainbow”, stuck in the heads of many high school students of the time. (It feels so long ago, when easier R&B and “acoustic” sounds dominated.) They’ve gone through several line-ups since, and they may be in some sort of hiatus at the moment, but the band’s still around – and maybe soon they’ll return with another such hit. Maybe. Times have changed a lot since. [NB]

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