“Bakit ngayon kung kailan ang puso ko’y mayroon nang laman?”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?” by Freestyle and Pops Fernandez | I always found this song cheesy. Not the song per se, but the fact that everybody is singing this particular version at karaoke – and attempting to do the very arrangement they did here. “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” is, of course, originally by Ogie Alcasid; Freestyle has made a name in the later part of the 1990s and through the century through songs like “Before I Let You Go” and “So Slow”, similarly karaoke staples. But, for some reason, this particular song stands to this day, again, especially after slightly drunken nights at the karaoke. Perhaps it’s the call and response approach – a simple tweak elevates the song, underlines the message further, that sort of thing. Freestyle, like South Border, has also changed its line-up many times – Jinky Vidal and Top Suzara have both since left the group and pursued solo careers, although I am not sure if any of the original band members still remain. It’s been a long time since they released an album, too, although they still perform at bars across the metro – back where they began, arguably. Such is the flux we all go through. [NB]

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