Review: Something To Tell You by Haim

Something To Tell You by HaimI was pretty excited for Haim the first time around, but something went off along the way. I said as much when I reviewed Days Are Gone: it feels like I heard it all, and the excitement has gone. (I prefer to think it’s not because the sisters got astronomically big.) It’s been four years since, enough time for me to perhaps find love again. Something To Tell You has hints of promise: expectations are reset, we know more about the band’s inclinations, and “Want You Back” actually creeps its way through. But I’m afraid I still feel nothing for the album. I mean, the songs are all right, and “Little Of Your Love” is jumpy enough without being overly familiar. The punch, however, is gone. Something To Tell You feels quite complacent, happy with how almost the whole album is drenched in its ethereal, vaguely 90s sound. The production decisions are actually distracting, at least to me. Halfway through the album I was thinking about where it all went wrong between me and the band. But that’s me unnecessarily putting myself into this album review. Should I even bother recovering what was lost? As “Night So Long” dribbles away, the answer, clearly, is no. [NB]3/5

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