Review: Something’s Changing by Lucy Rose

Something's Changing by Lucy RoseLucy Rose’s first two albums were good, but something always seemed missing or off. “It’s hard to work with her vocals” was what I said about Work It Out, her last release – it sounds harsh, but really, it isn’t. Third time’s the charm, it seems. Something’s Changing comes at a moment of upheaval for the singer: here she fully embraces her folksy charm, finishing the transition from peripheral figure in British indie (with the movement’s accompanying sonic quirks) to indie folkie in her own right. It all feels right this time. I enjoyed the album from end to end this time: no stopping to ponder what exactly is missing. Assist from the Staves aside – they lend “Floral Dresses” an extra depth that only sisters doing harmonies can provide – Lucy feels more comfortable, effortlessly throwing in the odd country flourish without wholly crossing over into hokey pastiche territory. (That would be off-brand for her.) Something’s Changing hints at a journey that has rejuvenated Lucy (while still keeping some of her doubts – the timing of “I Can’t Change At All” hints as much) and I look forward to more. Finally, I can say that with more conviction. [NB]4/5

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