“I can honestly say that I am obsessed with you.

“Next to You” by Echoic | I still have an incredible backlog, which means there’s more vetting to do. This one makes the cut. The opening notes to Echoic’s “Next to You” gives me some slight Depeche Mode vibes, until the chorus kicks in and you feel like jumping. Echoic is a three-piece from Reading (basic British: don’t read this as “ree-ding” but “reh-ding”) mixing in a strong soulful element with a distinctive vocal from Connor Turner. It bends everything, I’ll say. They’re prepping a new EP, Shadows of You, which will drop on 8 September – until then they’re on the touring circuit (although the next gig is next month), which is enough time for you to get into their sound. But as most of my readers are likely not in the UK, there are their previous releases, which will go down smoothly, too. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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