“Why does it ache when I call out your name?”

“Clouds” by Dani Robert | Oh goodness, I can see the horizon! I can actually see the horizon! And bringing us closer there is a track from Toronto singer Dani Robert. I’ll admit to a degree of superficiality: I know her voice is something you’ve heard someplace else, but that immediately told me to write about her. It’s a bit like Alessia Cara with a bit more honey. (More Canadians!) And it’s some deceiving cool kid pop here: kicks off with a piano, suddenly those dance-y things kick in, and the song is better for it, I think. This song dropped a month ago – her very first single; you wouldn’t know it – with the music video just dropping last week. Is there more? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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