“Nasaan na ang tunay na kulay mo?”

“Madapaka” by Slapshock | And now, another gear shift, but this one’s… louder, more aggressive. All right, so Slapshock is not really going to be my thing, and I will not pretend to have listened to them for an extended period – but the band’s been here for a while, and have been here before the most recent explosion of alternative music on mainstream channels in the mid-2000s. (This current one does not quite count yet.) They’re also one of those few bands that have taken a hold at the true-blue “rakista” crowd, despite the evolution of their sound with the times – from a Korn-inspired rap metal group during their debut, to the current metal-driven group of today. Granted, not a lot of folks would consider frontman Jamir Garcia as a Filipino music legend considering how their music isn’t everybody’s stuff. I know it’s not mine, although I never really turned off whenever I hear them on NU years ago. But for some, he is. The band is. And to all of us, Slapshock’s music is essential, for keeping a particular strand alive (and visible) despite all… this. [NB]

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