“Butse kik, ek ek ek.”

“Butse Kik” by Yoyoy Villame | However, the first person to call his music “novelty” is Yoyoy Villame. The Bohol-based singer did that just to set his music apart – when he began performing crooners were popular, while he took inspiration from a handful of pop movements but, more importantly, rondalla music from his childhood. The template for “Butse Kik”, was a Dee Dee Sharp hit from 1962; the lyrics supposedly came from Chinatown stores he encountered while waiting for his car to be fixed, although none of the words are actually in Chinese. Initially released with his rondalla band of bus drivers (of which he was one) in 1971, “Butse Kik” became his most popular hit – but of course there are many others that have also wriggled their way to the Filipino collective. “Magellan”“Mag-Exercise Tayo”, “Philippine Geography”, “Piyesta (Ng Mga Isda)”… perhaps interestingly, Yoyoy’s songs manage to capture a moment in our psyche, and if you look hard enough, you play “Philippine Geography” and find a comment to today’s issues. But perhaps it’s a stretch. [NB]

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