“Lahat ng tao, mahilig sa baboy.”

“Gusto Ko Ng Baboy” by Radioactive Sago Project | Should I be writing about this song? Just as I opened the “new post” button, I had that thought. Yes, Radioactive Sago Project was always political, but deftly so, and were acerbic to boot. But should I be writing about this song? What will people accuse me of by writing about this song? Lourd de Veyra is a relatively progressive person, after all, and you know how supposedly evil progressives are with their yellow leanings (like how did those two became a tandem?) But before he became a constant presence on a television network that could never achieve its ambition, he spent more time fronting this weird jazz fusion band with lots of spoken word interludes and no fear of talking about things. “Gusto Ko Ng Baboy” is definitely about politics, sure – it was wrapped around the absurd premise of wanting a pet pig, sure, but still. It’s not just the last verse. “Lahat ng tao, mahilig sa baboy” sounds like an indictment enough of all of us. But no, we have to be better than the rest of them. It applies still, now, in 2017. Perhaps more than ever. But maybe that’s why I should not be writing about this song. But, well, fuck it. On the surface, it’s a funny song – an one opening salvo in a particular breed of alternative comedy. And now, well, this. [NB]

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