Review: Biyaheng Langit by Davey Langit

Biyaheng Langit by Davey LangitI wasn’t watching the first season of Pinoy Dream Academy, that ABS-CBN reality show that gave us Yeng Constantino. That meant I never quite heard of Davey Langit until a few years later, when he was steadily building a reputation as a songwriter with shrewd decisions and a keen ear. The opening track to his new album, Biyaheng Langit, felt like a long-delayed statement of intent. “Can I call him the Filipino Ed Sheeran?” was my first thought. But this is more of the “Sing”-era Sheeran than the “A Team”-era one – a good sense of pop preventing his songs from sinking into shlock. The album remains enjoyable even if you’ve heard a good chunk of the songs here before – I heard “Selfie Song” a few years ago; it was a different time them – but at the end I was hoping Davey had other tricks up his sleeve. Perhaps it’s a problem of sequencing. The album’s middle bit sagged; is there such a thing as too many songs about love? He does them well, but it felt like a cage stopping him from flying. “Idjay”, a potted biography, worked because it was not about the same old. “Bata”, same thing – the themes may be familiar but the implementation is interesting. That’s the quality that redeems the album: even “Huling Awit ng Pag-Ibig”, which has love song written all over it, works because Davey knows when to change things up sonically. (Or, again, sequencing: it’s a piano-driven ballad after a string of upbeat songs.) If anything, that keen ear will keep you hanging on. [NB]4/5


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