“What’s the point of wasting time on people that you’ll never know?”

“Come On Let’s Go” by Broadcast | It’s August, which means the blog goes to regular programming (before another week-long break in a couple of weeks or so, we’ll see) and we can start deliberately writing about foreign songs again. This one, I heard in the car. It’s jumpy and it’s also haunting, like the band was being really keen on the whole 60s aesthetic. Turns out it was from seventeen years ago, so that’s extra haunting – these songs are still in vogue, after all. Also turns out the band’s vocalist, Trish Keenan, died six years ago – complications from swine flu, which she contracted while touring down under. So even more haunting. While reading up on Broadcast I learned that the band is technically still active (albeit with one member – they were a duo as of 2005) and there’s an unreleased album with Trish’s vocals, recorded before her sudden death. Still in the can. Maybe won’t see the light of day. Haunting, after all. [NB]


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