“You’d lose yourself if someone tells you what you want to hear.”

“Stellular” by Rose Elinor Dougall | Another one from the past – well, this one’s from just a few months back, but still, another one I just stumbled upon while listening to the radio (foreign) doing my afternoon walks. But I have heard of Rose Elinor Dougall before. She was, in a way, hard to miss: after a stint with the Pipettes she collaborated with Mark Ronson, and she released her first solo album seven years ago – the follow-up was, well, this one. (That, and I heard her live session for Monocle 24 on yet another weekend drive.) There’s something euphoric, even cathartic, about the “you are stellular” exhortation in the chorus – you can transcend all this! I wish it was that easy. The YouTube comments were particularly nasty for some reason. Maybe I’m missing something. Or, I have transcended all that… nah. [NB]

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