Review: Holiday Night by Girls’ Generation

Holiday Night by Girls' GenerationWell, of course Girls’ Generation will not suddenly reinvent themselves on Holiday Night. Their (relatively) experimental era, which kicked off with The Boys and ending right around the time Jessica left the group (and “Catch Me If You Can” was released), won’t be coming back any time soon – a listen to their last album, Lion Heart, says as much. (Want them to go modern pop? Listen to their solo releases.) Thankfully it’s not a bunch of terrible songs, either. Holiday Night is their tenth anniversary release – ten years is something in K-pop, a world of seven-year contracts, if not bust-ups from groups failing in varying degrees. There is a vibe of celebration all over, which means relatively pedestrian, yet still enjoyable, songs. (“All Night” gets stuck in your ears.) It doesn’t feel like a look back, although there definitely are concessions to the sound the group launched with in 2007 – a bit retro, a bit pure, but now with an edge that they’ve definitely earned. That’s how you set the template, I guess. Come to think of it, just change the image a bit and you have songs perfect for Red Velvet. Now that’s a group that needs a shot of inspiration. (I didn’t review their latest release, Red Summer, because I had five other reviews that week – that, and I gave up on their slow downward spiral.) I don’t begrudge S.M. for keeping these songs for their biggest girl group, but, you know… [NB]3/5

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