“Never wanted to be a bad man, but I’m a bad man just the same.”

“Blue Magic” by Son Little | I’ll need to set the table here. My laptop might be having problems again, and what timing: my big event is in two weeks, and I have more things to lay out! Great just great. On my way back home I was worried sick, which is a weird time to have a song snap into place, and a song as breezy as this one. Son Little is Aaron Earl Livingston, who is based in Philadelphia, which is not a place you think of when you think of the beach. But then this song does have that very 60s sound, that distinct Philly soul sound, so it all makes sense. And “Blue Magic” does not quite hit a peak, which is good: it meanders. So maybe that’s why it hit me. I felt worried; I did not need something big. But I’m still worried. Big event in two weeks. [NB]

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