Review: Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters

Concrete and Gold by Foo FightersSo, um, what can the Foo Fighters get wrong? The better question is, how will the Foo Fighters get anything wrong? The answer isn’t necessarily “because they’re a brilliant band, that’s why” – although then that sounds mean. Dave Grohl and his gang are reliable. They’ve gotten their formula right, and while it doesn’t really excite anyone much anymore – “oh hey, they have a new single! Yeah, good to know” – you’ll know it’ll at least be solid. Concrete and Gold is that. Solid. But then, unlike their previous more recent efforts, it doesn’t really quite get it all together. It plods along more – and I’m trying not to be cynical here. It’s, well, fine, but, you know, what is this for again? What else am I getting here? And why is nothing sticking, especially when you expect it to do so, somehow? [NB]2/5

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