Review: Love Yourself: Her by BTS

Love Yourself: Her by BTSBTS is that K-pop group you initially dismiss because male K-pop groups really tend to sound alike. But then they start to stick out, partly because they do have good songs, and partly because people seem to like them for they’re cool. It’s not undeserved praise: the group’s origins stemmed more from the hip-hop scene than most, and while they have mellowed (relatively) as time passed on, there’s still strong musicality in their work. Love Yourself: Her comes at an interesting time, with the group really picking up recognition outside Korea (although, let’s be honest, it’s mostly down to their ultra-devoted fans waging a social media campaign). Suddenly the world’s ears are on them, and they have to prove themselves. The result: well, it’s an all right album, although it focused too much on their more mellow side, with “DNA” a summer-y hit that will not feel out of place on American radio. But then, perhaps it’s the expectation that makes one think that way. If you’re one of the Army then you will think otherwise. [NB]3/5

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