Review: Younger Now by Miley Cyrus

Younger Now by Miley CyrusI almost called it a trend, but it isn’t really; rather, it’s more like a parallel, down to the Dolly Parton collaboration. But Kesha and Miley Cyrus have different situations. that necesitated reinvention. The former went off a very tangled legal battle when she released Rainbow, rediscovering her roots. The latter… well, it’s unclear why she needed to shift back to her country roots now, not after actually striking gold with her debauched, ultra-sexualized Bangerz phase, but now she’s saying she’s uncomfortable with it, so there’s that. Younger Now is a title that suggests a return to innocence, but it also lays out an unsure future for Miley. What exactly does she want to do? There’s a tinge of exploration in the record, with decidedly uninspiring results. Me, I don’t mind whether she goes ultra glossy, or extra trippy, or downright homey – I’m drawn to Miley because of the conviction she has whatever message she has to deliver. In Younger Now it’s all glossed out, drowning in hokey production and that feeling she has to assert that she’s a nice girl now. “Miss You So Much” and “I Would Die For You” are exceptions – sparse by comparison, it allows Miley’s voice (which she always had – why was “The Climb” such a hit?) to shine. The rest, it’s inoffensive, yes, but forgettable, even pointless. [NB] | 2/5

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