“You take me down below the streets.”

“Killing Time” by Crying Vessel | The history goes like this: Crying Vessel – yes, another Swiss act – began as a trip-hop act, only for Slade Templeton’s 80s influences to seep through. The connection isn’t flimsy, but the sound is different, and like our post yesterday, it all manages to remain accessible. Admittedly I thought I was in for a relatively difficult listen when I first hit play on their upcoming record, A Beautiful Curse, which drops tomorrow. But then you realize how the group wears their influences on their sleeve: there’s a fair amount of Gary Numan and Joy Division on the record, territory that has been trod in recent years from newer acts like Editors and the Horrors. It’s a driving record that evokes more images of long drives and neon – but also of a need to get away.  [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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