Review: Colors by Beck

Colors by BeckBeck is done reinventing himself; his career has run long enough that it seems he has explored every sound he can explore. His sense of adventurousness now lies in how he easily oscillates from one mode to another, between albums, although in recent releases it hasn’t felt as crafty, rather feeling a bit perfunctory. That’s not to say Morning Phase was bad; that’s also not to say that his latest, Colors, is. The albums have their moments, but both are bogged down by a certain monotony. The former manages to mask it nicely; the latter, not so. Perhaps it’s because it’s Beck’s most overtly pop record in a while, every track shimmering and glittering and drenched in an explosion of, well, colors. The downside is, you get tracks that you feel have been explored before, with songs reminiscent of everyone from Weezer to Foster the People. It’s all up, no down, and while that isn’t a bad thing by itself, across the record you feel Beck could’ve done something more. Could he have, though? Perhaps he wanted something that didn’t really require a lot of introspection? [NB]3/5

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