Review: There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light by Stars

There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light by StarsAcross their discography Stars have mastered the art of the big song – not necessarily bombastic, but big; everything tied up nicely, and niftily at that. The approaches may have been different – No One Is Lost, their last record, went the disco route – but that was the template. That makes There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light a striking affair: it sounds more quiet, more hesitant, more tentative. Nope, this is not a bad thing. It’s actually an interesting progression for the Canadian group: after albums of relative up comes one that’s thematically unsure about its place, and yet manages to be confident about it. It’s partly down to the decision to enlist Peter Katis – best known for his long-running relationship with the National – as sole producer. Now, a band normally known for its exuberance sounds more muted, more grown-up (not that they aren’t before), allowing for Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell’s voices to play better. Their interplay, after all, has always been the thread that held Stars’ many approaches together – and it’s smart that it was kept, if not enhanced. There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light is quite… smart that way. [NB]4/5

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