Review: Pacific Daydream by Weezer

Pacific Daydream by WeezerPacific Daydream, the name, somehow evokes images of breezy, sun-drenched days by the beach. The album art that accompanies Weezer’s eleventh album surprisingly feels a bit chillier – still carefree, but chilly. You would be surprised to hear Rivers Cuomo and gang return to their overt pop mode – which have led to some of their more memorable moments – considering those elements. But then, it feels different. The album swings wildly: at some points it all comes together; in other it surprisingly falls flat, like how “Weekend Woman” – with all the best intentions – feels like it’s missing one trick. Overall that’s what Pacific Daydream feels like. There are good pop songs lying underneath, and perhaps repeated listens will provide the satisfaction tracks like “Mexican Fender” or “La Mancha Screwjob” demand, and perhaps offer. But along the way there seems to be an attempt to do more than straightforward, anthemic pop here – and while they’re able to do that, in this record they hold back and end up with a listenable half-mess. But maybe I need to spend more time, and get some sunshine to boot. [NB]3/5

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