Review: Twicetagram by Twice

Twicetagram by TwiceHow do you move the ball forward if you’re Twice, one of K-pop’s biggest acts today? Not much, it seems. In the two years since they debuted their mini albums have dominated the charts with their cheerful, slightly edgy, but ultimately fluffy pop – and they have not changed the formula much. (It’s also why we have found it quite difficult to review their albums, to the point that it felt like I’m just ripping them apart needlessly.) But then, Twicetagram offers them a new slate: this is their first full-length album, and perhaps smartly, everybody involved recognized that they can’t rely on borderline mediocre tracks for this record. That said, Twice still fall victim to K-pop’s tendency to have inconsistent albums. This is a full-length built like a mini: tracks don’t really flow together, and you get swings between the genuinely good (the cunning “FFW”) and the frankly bad (the cringy “Ding Dong”). But this time they (or their minders, really) focus on a quieter, less in-your-face sound – that shtick ran dry with Signal. That meant the second half of the album was something I actually didn’t mind listening to. That also meant single “Likey” – produced by Black Eyed Pilseung, who also produced their biggest hit “Cheer Up” – really sticks out, in all its high-energy glory, albeit one that feels too much like “TT”[NB]3/5

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