“I’m just getting used to the way luck feels good.”

“Luck Feels Good” by Andrew Samuel | And so we head to the inbox, and the first song on it is… from Sydney. The Aussies are waiting at the front door! But this one feels good. Yes, it’s a cheap pun to make considering the song is called “Luck Feels Good”, but it does feel good. It feels all right. It feels like, no matter what happens, it won’t be as terrible as you initially make it out to be. These are things I am not predisposed to believe, but then, you get what you take. But then it’s the way everything in this song clicks into place. Andrew Samuel is from Sydney, and recently released his debut EP, Hissing Bitterness. If you’re in Marrickville, NSW (no relation to the Sydney drivetime show of the… soundalike name) he’s launching his new single tonight at the Lazy Bones Lounge. So swing by. You know what I’ll say here. I can’t. But it’s all right. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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