Review: Play by Super Junior

Play by Super JuniorBad pun alert: Super Junior are now one of the seniors of K-pop, a boy group who managed to maintain longevity despite the mandatory two-year military stint its members have gone through (or are currently going through) through solo records and television appearances. They’re not new to this: their last two albums were also recorded through a bit of line-up flux. But Play comes after a particularly long hiatus from the group – two years – and while eight members recorded, only seven appear on the cover. (And only six will promote, as Siwon’s taking a back seat due to a controversy involving his family’s dog.) By now it’s become a bit about the stories in between rather than the songs, which is both weird and not unexpected. That also meant the record takes a bit of a calmer approach, not dissimilar to Devil; there’s a groovier, swingier approach, one befitting their, ehrm, senior status. Play is a comfortable record, though – K-pop’s general tendency to have awkwardly-sequenced albums notwithstanding – and while you don’t expect them to change thing sup at this point – they’ve been around twelve years, they deserve a bit of a lie-in, and also, all those stories in between – you don’t begrudge them. ELFs will be happy to see them back; the rest who enjoy stuff like this wouldn’t mind. [NB]3/5


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