“I don’t care about the rest.”

“Wild Child” by Manchado | Still on the inbox, but this time, it’s something from Colombia. Well, Manchado is based in New York but he is Colombian, and that says a lot about how borders are irrelevant when it comes to music cross-pollinating. (That, or the Americans just take everything over.) This one’s off his debut album Pegasus, released a while back – the video for “Wild Child” has a July stamp – and it’s a fun little thing: subtle, yet still wriggles its way into your head. Actually the three music videos accompanying the album are interesting – a weird romp through New York, with a story I could not quite get a full grip of, interspersed with those dance routines. I think it says a lot about Manchado’s sensibility: tight yet loose, just like this song. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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