Review: I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life by tUnE-yArDs

I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life by tUnE-yArDsMerrill Garbus is no longer alone: with I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, tUnE-yArDs debuts as a two-piece, with Nate Brenner taking on full-time bass duties. His presence steadies the ship, somewhat, injecting the project with a more straightforward aesthetic that does not feel like it’s holding Merrill down. Amidst all those 80s synths you can still here those globe-trotting adventures filter through (and, after a while, it’s all you can hear again, so that’s a point for blending in). And the themes are still the same – that bit of alienation in a post-racial world, to simplify things – but perhaps it’s a matter of timing that this record doesn’t feel subtle or fun anymore. Take “Colonizer”: lyrically it has an interesting approach, but it feels a bit too on-the-nose to be something you can tolerate. Now, perhaps the point is for us – okay, I can’t say “us” as I am not white – to feel uncomfortable considering all that’s happening now. It does make for a good spur to confrontation. But it still feels like a tUnE-yArDs record, and in these times, that makes it feel just slightly more awkward than it should be. [NB]3/5

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