The five songs Shy Shy Shy can’t live without

Shy Shy Shy is Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldegaard, a duo from Denmark who have subverted our expectations of Scandinavian indie pop with a synth-powered mix of awkwardness and confidence. We’ve been writing about them for the past three years or so, across which we’ve seen them push their boundaries while keeping that sense of fun. This Friday they release their debut full-length, Make Up, and to make the occasion we’ve dusted off this feature and asked them about the five songs they can’t live without. It’s not entirely synth-powered.


“Inspector Norse”
Todd Terje | It’s Album Time (2014)

If you should ever want to see Shy Shy Shy on the dance floor, this is the song to put on. We’ve spent literally hours dancing to it. If we’re at a party, in a club or even just hanging out at home on a Wednesday afternoon and someone puts it on we just can’t help ourselves. We just gotta boogie.


Fleetwood Mac | Rumours (1977)

This is just such a damn good song. It’s one of those classics we always keep going back to and that have inspired us a lot in our own writing. Strong melody, tasteful arrangement and insightful lyrics. And the pick up to the chorus is just absolutely ingenious!


“Love Will Tear Us Apart”
Joy Division | single release (1980)

When we write songs, we try to create contrasts and arrange the music in a way so that it gives perspective to the lyrics. This song is the ultimate upbeat depressing song. The contrasts between Ian Curtis’ melancholic voice and the undaunted drum beat and guitar tied together by the simple synth lead is pure perfection. It adds chaos and frustration to the hopeless lyrics and makes for one for the most rousing listening experiences we can think of.


“Come Pick Me Up”
Ryan Adams | Heartbreaker (2000)

This is the song we both cry to when nobody’s watching. The lyrics are so well written and relatable. It’s a “you dumped me and I want you back even though you made my life hell, because I’d rather be in hell, than being without you” kind of thing. And the harmonica theme is equally heartbreaking every time you hear it.


The Beatles | Abbey Road (1969)

We are both fans of The Beatles and this is a fantastic song but that’s not our only reason for putting it on this playlist. It is also in fact the first song we ever played together. We went to the same music school but didn’t really talk until we were put together in a band where the teacher had us do a cover of it. I (Astrid) remember thinking to myself that Simon was a lot cooler than I had expected. Without this song Shy Shy Shy might not have existed.


[Make Up is out on 2 March. Photography by Lasse Steinmetz. Shy Shy Shy were talking to Niko Batallones.]

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