Review: Depth of Field by Sarah Blasko

Depth of Field by Sarah BlaskoSarah Blasko’s latest, Depth of Field, is, on the surface, similar to her previous record, Eternal Return. It’s not to say it’s a lazy record: if anything we ought to already know that the Aussie songstress can deliver to what initially looks like more of the usual. At points she can break your heart without you knowing it; at others she can send your feet shuffling, again without you knowing it. But she’s thrown in an extra element on Depth of Field, and it’s most evident especially at the beginning of the record: an undercurrent of darkness courses through the songs, and everything feels more urgent, more a matter of life or death, than ever before. (Of particular note is the conclusion to “Never Let Me Go”, which almost gave me visions of gothic winds. The juxtaposition of that and the following track, the dancefloor-worthy “Everybody Wants to Sin”, feels extra sinister.) It’s not all dread, though: by the end some sort of sunshine breaks through the storm clouds, but you’re tired and just want a break. Sarah got you through all that, and that makes this record a strong one so early into the year. [NB]4/5

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