Review: Make Up by Shy Shy Shy

Make Up by Shy Shy ShyWhat drew me first to Danish duo Shy Shy Shy is how… sneaky it is. It’s one for the dance floor (not the hardcore ones, but you get the idea) but it also sits comfortably in the typical twee sounds we think of when we try to grapple with Scandinavian indie pop. But regular readers would know there’s more than that, if you think of how often we’ve written about them, and Make Up, their first full-length, proves that. It doesn’t so much straddle those two circles as mix them together, and what you get is an eminently satisfying record. Quiet synths guide you through the beginnings of a Friday night out, the euphoria of departure, the collapse of expectations, the resetting of ideals, and finally, you know, fuck it, let’s dance. Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldegaard make it effortless (and their harmonies come in when you most need it, so it feels better) to the point that even I, a guy who’s never been on a night out, can relate. So much so that when album closer “Never Gonna Sleep” treats us to an outright dance-off, I feel compelled to shake something. But I’m seated, so that’ll have to wait. [NB]4/5

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